All of us.

All of us.

A Long-Winded Manifesto.

I want to build a life where my daily work is pointing to the light that is already shining in the darkness to anyone who wants to listen.  I want to find my place at the table of God and remind people that the table is wider and longer than we ever dreamed.

With every word, I want to always remember the marginalized, the pushed out, and the forgotten.  I want to remember that I was born and bred and raised and educated in privilege in almost every way a person can be privileged.  I want to use my words and my privilege to bring the outsider in and to get my shoulder up under a corner of the burdens other folks are carrying around. I promise I won’t do this perfectly and that I will keep trying to do better.

I’m all tied up with the story and the words and the person of Jesus and I don’t think I can separate that from any part of my life. I promise to always try to communicate about Him in a way that leaves room for you and your feelings and thoughts about him and the whole stumbling church.

I promise to honor the image of God I see in each one. You do not need to be a person of faith to be welcome here. I promise to never try to manipulate or convert you. I have to tell my stories or I will die, but I will try to remember that they are just that: mine.

I promise to do my damndest to honor you and be kind to you when I talk about the Bible, always remembering you and your experiences.

I promise to honor the beauty as well as the suffering I see in you and in the world. I’ll try to never minimize things that matter or answer big questions easily with sweet and useless words.

I promise to point you toward home and keep inviting you to the feast without pushing you, because I know from experience this is all really hard to reconcile and believe sometimes.

I promise to keep writing and speaking words that bring light and life into all that’s still dark so that together we can see the Kingdom of God coming.  The feast is already prepared, and I believe He is calling each of us to the place He set for us at the table.


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